Aluminum Spar Material

Extruded Aluminum Spar

1-A.812″.500″5.687″.060″.075″14′-2″11# 13 oz$150.00
1-B.812″.500″3.812″.049″.060″14′-0″6# 12 oz$120.00
2-A.812″.500″4.000″.060″.075″12′-0″8# 12 oz$133.00
2-B.812″.500″3.000″.060″.075″12′-0″7# 13 oz$119.00
3-A.812″.500″5.687″.075″.095″17′-0″15# 8 oz.$176.00
3-B.812″.500″4.000″.060″.075″16′-3″10# 3 oz$155.00
4-A.812″.500″4.500″.060″.075″14′-0″9# 3 oz$144.00
4-B.812″.500″3.000″.060″.075″14′-0″6# 10 oz$122.00
5-A.812″.500″6.625″.080″.095″17′-0″17# 10 oz$198.00
5-B.812″.500″4.500″.060″.075″16′-3″10# 8 oz$165.00

NOTE: USA Dollars only. Please call for current USA and foreign trade pricing.

Liability Disclaimer
Liability for use of this product lies solely with the individual and the application chosen for its use. No claims, warranties or guarantees are implied other than the product is as represented in material and structure.

All SPARS are proven strength – 6061-T6 extruded aluminum with an ultimate yield in tension of 45,000 PSI and in shear of 30,000 PSI.

Specific applications may use any combination of the above depending upon required design loading and airfoil configuration used.

All spars must be crated for motor freight shipment at additional cost. Call for current estimate

Freight is quoted and prepaid on all shipments unless specified on order by customer.